A downloadable TankFighter for Windows

This is the most powerfull Tank Simulator.

This is a simple Game i made in Unity3D. I think i dont have too mauch to say about it, other than:


WASD: Movement

Mouse: Camera/Aiming

Leftclick: Shoot Bomb and let it explode.

Rightclick: Shoot Bullets

R: put tank upright

What is the Goal?

To survive as long as you can and get the best Score ever!

If you have a great Idea how to make this Game better, write down a comment. And if you want to try to implement it on your own, contact me, ill send you the Projectfiles.

Install instructions

Unpack the TotallyAccurateTankSimulator.zip file and execute the TotallyAccurateTankSimulator.exe.


Totally Accurate Tank Simulator.zip 54 MB


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I played this game and it´s good

i just played this game, i recommend adding controler instructions, the tank is easily knock off the stage and the aiming wasn't that accurate but in overall i loved playing it once i figured out how to make the canon explode. The secondary weapon doesn't do much damage to the solders. Oh and i also recommend having a first person aiming option, if thats possible. Made a video of this game and posted it on my yt channel.

thanks for letting us play your game!